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Oct 15, 2021

Ways to Keep your Spine Happy & Healthy

Take care of your spine now so it doesn’t bite you in the back later. Make sure you are doing these things to lessen the chances of back pain in the future. Let’s keep your spine happy and healthy!

Sleep right!

  • Invest in a pillow and mattress that supports your neck and spine in your sleep. Let your spine rest when you do.
  • While sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your spine, sleeping on your side alleviates that pressure.

Build exercising into your everyday routine.

  • Make sure to wear shoes with good support. 
  • Strengthen your core muscles to strengthen your back muscles as well. Simply taking regular walks will help to strengthen those muscles. 
  • Exercising in a pool is an excellent way to strengthen your spine while decreasing pressure.

Don’t let your desk job get the best of you

  • Check your posture. Stop slouching because it is damaging your spine. 
  • Adjust your desk and chair to ensure an ergonomic position that best supports your back and spine
  • Make sure to stretch your body about every hour and take frequent walks. Staying flexible promotes spinal health. If you stay in one place for too long, your back muscles begin to tighten up.

Listen to your body

  • Don’t ignore spinal pain you are experiencing. If you are experiencing pain, it might be time to talk to a chiropractor.

Is it time to call your chiropractor?

Are you ready to add something more to your chiropractic care routine? Talk to our professionals here at Simply Southern Chiropractic Center and see if chiropractic care is right for you. 

Contact our team and ask about our intersegmental traction today!


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