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Oct 1, 2022

Making the most of your appointment

At Simply Southern Chiropractic Center, we’re dedicated to keeping you and your joints as healthy as possible. How do you ensure you’re getting the most of your chiropractic visits?

Learn how to keep feeling great long after your appointment by checking out the tips below!

Before your appointment

In order to get the most of your appointment, you can take steps before it even begins. You want your body to respond well to being adjusted! When you get into the habit of preparing beforehand, you can improve your chiropractic experience.


Increasing your magnesium intake can potentially reduce your back pain. Since magnesium supports muscle and nerve function, a deficiency can affect the muscles supporting your spine. For breakfast, enjoy some oatmeal with yogurt and banana slices. If you want a snack later on, magnesium can be found in almonds, cashews, and peanuts. When it’s time for dinner, make yourself a rice bowl with black beans and avocado. All of this food contains high levels of magnesium.

Hydrate & eat a light meal

Drinking water beforehand will allow for better muscle support after adjustments have been made. Additionally, eating a snack or light meal will prevent low blood sugar before your appointment. When you have low blood sugar, you’re prone to lightheadedness and discomfort.

Take a short walk

Getting yourself up and moving will loosen up your spine, allowing for easier adjustment. You don’t want stiff joints and muscles! This will cause your treatment to be less effective, as it can lead to increased pain. A short walk, paired with some stretching, can avoid this.

Be prepared to explain your symptoms

Your chiropractor can create a more targeted treatment plan if you’re aware of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. For a more productive visit, try to explain the type of pain you’ve felt.

Have a relaxed mindset

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous before an appointment. However, when your body is tense, it won’t respond as effectively to treatment. Try your best to take a deep breath and relax.

After your appointment

To ensure feeling your best, it’s important to avoid falling back into old habits. It’s necessary to practice any takeaways from your visit to support your recent adjustments. This could include stretching, practicing good posture, sleeping in a new position, or taking dietary action. Ultimately, it depends on your unique situation. We’ll list some basic tips that everyone can follow below.

Stay hydrated

Just as you should drink water before your visit, the same advice applies for afterwards. It washes away toxins that have been released after being adjusted. Additionally, your discs need to be replenished with water after a chiropractor visit.

Pay attention to your posture

While sitting at work or home, make sure your weight is balanced on both hips, your knees are even with your hips, and your feet are flat on the floor. If you’re at work, keep your shoulders relaxed by resting your arms on your desk or chair.

Continue to see your chiropractor

The length of time between appointments may differ from person to person, but it’s important to continue your chiropractic visits. It may take some time to see significant progress, depending on your situation. It’s important to continue to see your chiropractor for as long as they recommend!

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